there is a list of Linux-Distributions the Free-Software-Foundation foundation acknowledegs.

And there seem to be even people working on a FSF conform version of Android.

Debian GNU/Linux

Debian’s Social Contract states the goal of making Debian entirely free software, and Debian conscientiously keeps nonfree software out of the official Debian system. However, Debian also provides a repository of nonfree software. According to the project, this software is “not part of the Debian system,” but the repository is hosted on many of the project’s main servers, and people can readily find these nonfree packages by browsing Debian’s online package database and its wiki.

There is also a “contrib” repository; its packages are free, but some of them exist to load separately distributed proprietary programs. This too is not thoroughly separated from the main Debian distribution.

Previous releases of Debian included nonfree blobs with Linux, the kernel. With the release of Debian 6.0 (“squeeze”) in February 2011, these blobs have been moved out of the main distribution to separate packages in the nonfree repository. However, the problem partly remains: the installer in some cases recommends these nonfree firmware files for the peripherals on the machine.


Recommended Distros by FSF:

Free-Software – what about Free-Hardware?

Speaking of Open-Source-Hardware or you could call it Free-Recipe-Hardware, would it not be a super cool thing to distribute FSF-conform hardware (standardized = make it easier for Free Software Developers to maintain = original concept of Apple i guess… was abandoned) AND software?

Like a IKEA-Computer „solder those chips + this free-software and you have a FSF-conform machine – running fast sleak doing all your everyday work with truly free software“.

I would also want an regular „integrity check“ like rkhunter does, SHA1-checking all the binaries and if they have been modified.

Unfortunately the most looked at article on my blog is this one:

Because there seem to be no free driver for that damn network card of that damn motherboard?