update: Bitcoin Gold hacked – 18 Million USD stolen https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Ende-der-Grafikkarten-Aera-8000-ASIC-Miner-fuer-Zcash-Bitcoin-Gold-Co-4091821.html


like almost all technologies you can use them for good or for evil.

right now crypto-currencies as bitcoins are imho mostly associated with the „dark-net“ or became famous on TV in association with „Silkroad Market Place“ were mostly illegal stuff was traded.

So if people want to do stupid things with a knife – who is there to keep them from burning their hands? only their own consciousness, awareness, moral, reason, intelligence and maybe the state and laws.

But there is more potential behind the BlockChainCurrency system. It could be used as „alternative“ currency for Dollar and Euro and there is were the shit get’s thick, because it directly attacks the power of central banks (run by private individuals) to be the only legal issuer of legal tender (colorful printed cotton-paper backed by nothing but the trust of people in it).

and there again comes the critical part: Trust.

If the BitCoin-Software running on many many servers gets hacked – it is possible to compromise all servers running that software – lowering people’s trust in the system.

And you can bet on that, that NSA and Co. (labeled by Snowden as the „biggest hacking organisation of the planet“ will try to do exactly that.

Trust is the „real currencies“ issued by central banks – the only reason why things as the Dollar or the Euro work – is people trust in it – it’s not backed by anything (Gold, Oil, Weed, Grain, nothing).

Whenever an part of the BitCoin-System is hacked – it will lower the prices for BitCoins and also the trust of people into that new fancy system (see MtGox).





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