the locate command is superfast but needs to build an index first.

almost any new OS has indexing your files build-in.

but you can guess they checksum EVERY SINGLE FILE and if it does not match ANY existing file-signature in the database… it might get uploaded to the NSA server without your consent of course.

so you should remove this:

in my case it is located here:

dpkg -l|grep tracker;
ii tracker 1.2.4-2 i386 metadata database, indexer and search tool
killall tracker-extract;
apt-get remove tracker;

apt-get remove libtracker-miner-1.0-0:i386 tracker-extract tracker-gui libtracker-sparql-1.0-0:i386 libtracker-control-1.0-0:i386 gir1.2-tracker-1.0:i386 tracker-gui tracker-miner-fs; # this will also uninstall the default filemanager "nautilus"

apt-get install nautilus; # reinstall filemanager nautilus, will also install libtracker-sparql-1.0-0

GNOME Online Miners provides a set of crawlers that go through your online content and index them locally in Tracker. It has miners for Facebook, Flickr, Google, ownCloud and SkyDrive.

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