zend-engine-logois this still open source?

Who is behind this? Two guys from Israel.


Zeev Suraski (hebrew זאב סורסקי) is an israeli software developer and works at the PHP-project since 1997. During his time at Netvision, israel’s biggest ISP, he got to know PHP/FI and used in in an Technion University Web Project with Andi Gutmans.

They discovered errors  and the limits of PHP/FI 2.0.

They decided to rewrite PHP with all it’s modules. That was PHP 3.

Suraski and Gutmans developed the Zend Engine – the scripting language behind PHP 4.

They developed important elements like the Server-abstraction-layer and Multithreading-support.

Zeev Suraski is cofounder and CTO of Zend Technologies.

Gutman is joinging Amazon: Insights and context delivered with “real-time” big data

„Both B2B and B2C applications are going through a radical transformation, not only becoming more mobile but significantly more contextual in nature. Previously, I have emphasized the critical intersection between cloud services, mobility and context.“

Source: Blog of https://andigutmans.com/