NSA Privacy and Nixie Pixel :-D – what happened to CSpace?


Secret documents – thanks Snowden 😀

NSA Experiment for massive SSL-TLS Decryption media-35509

What the NSA can hack and what not:

‚“Bigger“ Problems has the NSA with Truecrypt, a program to encrypt files and Off-the-record (OTR) Chats.

„Katastrophal“ – level 5 – is if a target-person uses the combination of TOR and anonymous and opensource instant messaging systems like Cspace.‘

„Größere“ Probleme hat die NSA auch mit Truecrypt, einem Programm zur Verschlüsselung von Dateien auf Computern, und mit dem sogenannten Off-the-record-Protokoll (OTR) zur Codierung von Chats. “

‚“Katastrophal“ – Stufe fünf – wird es für die NSA, wenn eine Zielperson beispielsweise eine Kombination aus Tor und einem weiteren Anonymisierungsdienst, wie dem quelloffenen Instant-Messaging-System Cspace, nutzt. „Fast vollständiger Verlust von Erkenntnissen über die Kommunikation und den Aufenthaltsort der Zielperson“ sei die Folge einer solchen Kombination.‘




Building CSpace

what fascinates me about it is that it not only is multi platform (except android but win/mac/linux) but also allows SCREEN SHARING.

did you know that a german Startup doing ONLY SCREEN SHARING http://www.teamviewer.com/en/ was sold for 1 BILLION DOLLARS?

I guess to the sister of NSA and CIA.

Author: K.S Sreeram, Jeethu Rao

Home Page: http://www.tachyontech.net


there is actually a *.bat inside that tar.gz which might suggest: its probably easier compiling this thing under windows, than it is under linux… it probably even was developed under windows.


Installing the ebuild

NOTE: This requires ncrypt to be installed

Set up a portage overlay:

# mkdir /usr/local/portage

# echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage"' >> /etc/make.conf

Create portage directories:

# mkdir /usr/local/portage/app-crypt

# mkdir /usr/local/portage/app-crypt/cspace

Download the ebuild (or move it to this directory)

# cd /usr/local/portage/app-crypt/cspace

# wget http://www.aabdalla.com/cspace.com/(ebuildfile)

Digest the ebuild:

# ebuild (ebuildfile) digest

Emerge cspace:

# emerge -av cspace

Run cspace:

# cspace

Debian / Ubuntu

HOWTO: Compile CSpace on Ubuntu

HOWTO: compile CSpace (private p2p) on Ubuntu
Hello all.
i’ve been trying to send my sister (xp user) some files over the net.
i heard about this app called CSpace, which is a private decentrelized p2p program, available for both Win32 and Linux.

but only source for linux, and i was a newbie.
i searched the forums and the web for some guidence, and found nothing.

i decided to bravely try to compile it myself, and….. VOUUaLLLA!
i made it.
so i thought why not post it up as HOWTO.

a few notes:
this was tested on Xubuntu Gutsy Gibon (7.10) only. Though it should work flawlessly on any other
Gutsy version (Ubuntu, Kubuntu Etc…)

1. first step, installing all of the dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python2.4 python-qt4 python-ctypes python-pycurl python-ncrypt

2. download CSpace source code from CSpace’s web page: www.cspace.in (just in case the direct-link is broken)
use wget or any other download tool to grab:

3. extarct the source code to whatever folder you wish (i did it in /home/yourname/CSpace) using your favorite extraction app.
newbies: just double click the downloaded file, choose extarct, and put it in /home/yourname/CSpace.

4. open up terminal where you extracted the source, and launch the app:

sudo python CSpace.pyw

or you can just add a launcher to desktop using that command.

using the app is very easy. you need to get a public ID key, and start adding contacts by using their keys….

feel free to post correcttions, questions, etc….