it’s so annoying… the brother devices report „toner low“ and STOP PRINTING 😀 based on the page-count… not the actual toner-levels. (there used to be „windows“ on the side of the toners so you could see (and the device detect) if the toner is actually empty)

Some cheeky printer-manufacturers take it as far as chipping toners and making the device REFUSE (!) to print more than XXXX pages with tat toner….

luckily with brother it’s just a software reset… but a hidden one 🙂

  1. open the toner box
  2. keep the * (Asterisk) pressed
  3. K-STD = Black Toner

take the black toner out, shake it a little and then put it back in and reset the toner like this 🙂


i was hoping for a similar procedure for the MFC-6490CW

had no luck with this:

  • Hold down the „Menu“ key. (for MFC-6890CDW it is the „Copy“ key)
  • While still holding the menu key, unplug the machine and plug it back in.
    • Do not let go of the key until the machine reboots and the screen says „MAINTENANCE“.
  • Hit the following keys: 7, 6, 4, black start (did not work for me… it does nothing)
  • The machine will then go into „power purge“ or deep clean mode for about 5-7 minutes.
  • When complete hit: 99 to get out of maintanence and reboot.
  • Be sure to have extra ink cartidges on hand as it does use up a lot of ink but this process works the best every time when the printer wont print.

also this did not work as expected:

  • power up until „blue screen“
  • hit menu button, then hit *, 2, 8, 6, 4
  • it says: „Replace Y“
  • hit: 7, 6
  • it says: „CLEANING ALL“
  • hit: 0
  • it says: „HD_CHG_P ALL“
  • hit key: Black Start
  • it says: „PRINTER ERROR!“
  • hit: 99 to leave MAINTENANCE MODE

it is a ink jet printer so maybe it needs cleaning: