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BlueLightCat is a simple browser whose feature list includes things like „History“, „Bookmarks“ and „QuickView“, that is a page to see the most visited hosts.

It is small, less then 10,000 lines of code and very fast.

Note: BlueLightCat is a fork of Zeromus Browser.

BlueLightCat Web Site

Armée Du Net

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1. download the source


apt-get install unrar; # install unrar command line tool 
unrar e bluelightcat-0.6.rar; # unrar 
cat README; # read the readme

The utils directory is a collection of classes:
– They are stand alone classes with no dependency on Zeromus Browser or each other.
– Provide functionality that can not be found in Qt.
– Licensed under the BSD or public domain.
– Have auto tests and or manual tests were applicable.

The purpose of the utils classes is to provide functionality that is missing from Qt, but not specific to zBrowser. For example the SqueezeLabel provides a QLabel that can take a string larger than the size of the widget and insert „…“ in the middle to squeeze the text into the size of the widget. Such a class could be useful for many Qt application and might even be a feature added to Qt one day.