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it’s always a good idea to try out alternatives. 🙂 Welcome to Arora: (under Debian-Gnome3)

arora alternative webKit based browser (similar to firefox)_1

Arora is a lightweight, cross-platform, free and open-source web browser developed by Benjamin C. Meyer.[2][3][4][5]

 Benjamin C Meyer (icefox)

Arora is available for Linux, OS X, Windows, FreeBSD, OS/2, Haiku,[6] and any other operating system supported by the Qt toolkit. Arora’s name is a palindrome.

The browser’s features include tabbed browsing, bookmarks, browsing history, smart location bar, OpenSearch, session management, privacy mode, a download manager, WebInspector, and AdBlock.[7]

For several months, Meyer discontinued development of Arora due to uncertainty about the strictures of non-compete clauses by his employer; finally in July 2011, he announced that he would no longer contribute to the project.[8] Another software developer, Bastien Pederencino forked Arora’s source code, and published a variant called zBrowser – renamed Zeromus Browser in February 2013. In May 2013, Pederencino published another variant called BlueLightCat. In February 2014, some new patches were released on Arora’s github project page, with some Linux distributions incorporating the changes in their individual versions of Arora packages in their repositories.[9]



under Debian it’s easy as the usual:

apt-get update; # update apt package definitions
apt-get install arora; # install arora browser


Nice features:

  • fast, sleak, efficient, webkit without Google influenced Firefox (they get millions for making Google the default search engine…)
  • JavaScript and Images can be easily disabled
  • AdBlock INCLUDED 🙂
  • Nice Page-loading %percentage% view
  • Excellent / integration 🙂
  • You can use all the Firefox-Hotkeys like Alt+D to select the Adress-Bar

I really love that loading %percentage display, that also shows you how big and bulky a website is: (maybe disable grafics or js) arora alternative webKit based browser (similar to firefox)_5 size of website

Nicely: Easy to disable image loading (speed up things) and javascript (security problem)

arora alternative webKit based browser (similar to firefox)_3

It has Adblock INCLUDED! 🙂 No extension needed! GOOD JOB!

arora alternative webKit based browser (similar to firefox)_2

arora alternative webKit based browser (similar to firefox)_4

What features i would love to see:

  • easy Tor enable/disable buttone 😀 (if that is not making it very bulky)


Other alternative fast / lightweight browsers: