A complete set of elements: (a lot of software)

apt-get install lxde

A complete Debian LXDE desktop environment (starting from Debian 7.0 „Wheezy“):

apt-get install task-lxde-desktop

(also a lot of software… why do i need the open-jdk?)

apt-get install lxde-common; # install minimum of lxde, but this is not enough like you will see 

if you try to start lxde via


and get an error like

"485 gtk cannot open display"
# or
"can not open module vboxvideo"

you will need to install xorg (xserver) xinit xterm and reinstall the virtualbox additions

apt-get install xorg xinit xterm; # install xorg (xserver) xinit and xterm

insert the guest additions cdrom

virtualbox insert the guest additions cdrom

and install them

i do it like that:

mkdir /virtualbox; # create a new directory to store the drivers
mkdir /mnt/cdrom; # mount point for cdrom
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom; # mount the guest additions iso
cd /mnt/cdrom; # change dir
cp -rv /virtualbox; # copy drivers to local harddisk
cd /virtualbox; # change dir
./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run; # run the installation

reinstall virtualbox guest additions

it should now correct the missing videomodule problem.

test run x

if you then type:


xinit screenshot

with a mouse-cross hair

if you focus on the given terminal and type:


you should get the full-featured lxde desktop

lxde inside virtualbox

now the problem is how to setup xinit and lxde to start automatically…