Another day, another Windows 8 issue. This time, it appears that Microsoft’s latest operating system is blocking Linux-based recovery environments, including Acronis’ very popular True Image software.

Consumers who try to boot from a recovery image are blocked by Microsoft’s anti-rootkit option and provided with an error that says, “Selected boot image did not authenticate. Press ‘Enter’ to continue.”

i catually have a different problem: i was able to boot Acronis 2015 on the latest Aldi Notebook (crap) by disabling secure boot in bios and frickeling with the boot-entries. (there are actually 2x entries for the Kingston USB Stick (HIT F10 DURING BOOTUP): UIFI and non-UEFI, only the non-UEFI did work)

IF YOU SEE THIS: PLEASE WAIT… LIKE 30 MIN. (Thanks a lot Bill)

win8 boot screen

BUT: Now Windows 8 takes like 30min to boot up…

I just hope this company gonna self-destruct as capitalism does right now.