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Midori BrowserMidori is a cross-platform GTK browser based on Webkit. It tracks the latest Webkit very closely, so you always have a fresh version. Midori is very lightweight and fast, but still has a lot of features. Midori is amazingly quick and can be useful for sites like Facebook which tend to slow down Firefox. Users concerned about privacy will be interested to know that Midori features Duck Duck Go as the default search engine, offers built-in ad blocking and good cookie control. An old version (0.4.3) is currently included with Ubuntu 13.10, so it is recommended that you install from the Midori PPA.

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midori Browser


tested on debian:

apt-get update; apt-get install midori; # let's test this ;)


QupZilla is a fast Qt and Webkit based browser that is available for multiple operating systems. It features a reasonably simple interface that will seem familiar to new users. The browser is packed with options, but really offers nothing new or unique when compared to Firefox or Chromium. The QupZilla team has put together a really solid browser, but without offering something unique, I find myself asking „what’s the point?“ Install Now

QupZilla Browser

Web (Epiphany)

Gnome Web Browser (Epiphany)Web (formerly Epiphany) is the official web browser of the GNOME desktop. It is a very easy to use Webkit based browser with a simplistic user interface. In fact, Web is like the granddaddy of simple web browsers, delivering a simple user interface years before Chrome came on the scene. The browser is very speedy and polished, offering more features with each release. Web makes a great simple alternative to Firefox and Chrome. Install Now

Epiphany Browser

Bash / Command Line Browsers 🙂


Elinks is a text based browser similar to the classic Lynx browser. It launches inside a Terminal window and presents you with only the text of websites, no images, javascript, or Flash. This can be rather useful for website developers to test their sites, or for reading information on sites that are full of annoying javascript and Flash ads.

that’s what looks like in elinks: in elinks