this is totally possible with the Add-on:

Send Later

Mirror: send_later-4.4.1-sm+tb.xpi

send later addon thunderbird

functionality to schedule the time for sendingChanges the „Send Later“ command


in the message composition window, so that instead of merely copying the message into your Outbox so that it is sent the next time you go online or do „Send Unsent Messages“, a dialog pops up which allows you to specify when the message will be sent.

You can specify a specific time and date, or click „15 mins later“, „30 mins later“ or „2 hours later“, or click „Put in Outbox“ to get the built-in Thunderbird „Send Later“ functionality (i.e., copy to Outbox).

For additional information, see the user guide.

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Send Later uses SugarJS by Andrew Plummer. Thanks Andrew!