this is a review i have done on a 15PS Twizy.

They bild those cars since 2012 but you seldomly see them (except for Madrid, i have heared there are a lot of them 🙂

It consumes around 8kWh per 100km.

If fully laoded it carries you a passanger or some lagguage 50-60km, 70km if you drive really slowly (50km/h straight).

The max speed is limited to 80km/h for safety reasons and to make the battery last longer.

it was 7000€ new +50€ per Month rent for the battery back (you don’t buy it, so if it breaks or gets bad – it’s Renaults problem, i would like to know what „bad“ exactly means)

It reminds me of the Messerschmidt Kabinenroller from 1965.

Carlos Ghosn (CEO of Renautl) Shanghai-Auto-Show: „War-for-Talent: You need to develop talent – wherever talent exists – and keep talent as much as you can – if i can find great engineers in China to develop the technology – i will develop the technology in China…. We can not anymore afford the luxury of we gonna develop everything in France, Germany… if i can find talent in China, i will develop in China…. Electric Car sales in China are very disappointing.“