Enable SSH

Access via SSH and login as the admin user with whatever that password is

/etc/init.d/StartMediaService.sh stop

And then disable the services by editing that file:

vim /etc/init.d/StartMediaService.sh

modify the line starting with MULTIMEDIA_PATH and set it to = (nothing)


By setting it to blank, you prevent the service from restarting… which you can now see by trying to start them:

/etc/init.d/StartMediaService.sh start

That should come back immediately with:

„I cannot find multimedia folder“

if you are using your QNAP mainly to store data you might consider disabling all those „media“ services… (no use to run a itunes server if you are having no IPod / IPhone)

which will save you a lot of CPU usage…

qnap disable multi media service


qnap disable multi media service2