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it’s infiltrated. big brother(s) are watching you… no matter your PGP.

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„The NSA played a significant role in the origins of Extended Random. The authors of the 2008 paper on the protocol were Margaret Salter, technical director of the NSA’s defensive Information Assurance Directorate, and an outside expert named Eric Rescorla.

Rescorla, who has advocated greater encryption of all Web traffic, works for Mozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser. He and Mozilla declined to comment. Salter did not respond to requests for comment.“

What can we do?

Basically are all Mozilla products #OpenSource, so there are brave hackers that use the code, throw out the nsa-google and provide it to the public.

1. Alternative to Firefox: Tor Bundled Version of Firefox:

2. Alternatives to Thunderbird?

3. Sign the petition:

also sounds interesting,

Eric Rescorla, founder RTFM

Eric Rescorla (RTFM, Inc.) erescorla

„The best piece of security advice I ever received was from Allan Schiffman, co-designer of the shttp protocol: „People don’t want security; they want the appearance of security.“

Users know that they’re supposed to have some security but evaluating the security of products is incredibly difficult even for experts. What’s much easier — especially if what you’re concerned about is not getting fired — is to do something that’s plausibly secure. Whether it works or not is much less important than that your choice was defensible. If you’re trying to deliver a security solution and you can’t figure out how to get people to think they need your solution, it’s useless no matter how good it is.“


about Eric Rescorla

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Eric Rescorla is the founder of RTFM, which is a consultancy that provides expertise in technical consulting for different issues, with a particular emphasize on Network Security and Distributed Systems.[1]

Mr. Rescorla is known to be an expert in Internet Security and Distributed Systems. Currently, he is known to be working at Terisa Systems, a website where users can perform real estate transactions.[2]

He is member of the IAB within ICANN. He is also the author of several articles on topics related to Internet Security and of a book, „SSL and TLS: Designing and Building Secure Systems“. [3]