World Community Grid is a distributed computing project by IBM allowing scientists to run digital experiments on their infrastructure. It is based on the BOINC client by University of Berkeley and available for Windows, Linux and OSX.

world community grid - donate computing power - map cancer markers project3

Its an effort to create the world’s largest public computing grid to tackle scientific research projects that benefit humanity.[4] Launched on November 16, 2004, it is co-ordinated by IBM.

If you can spare some kWh I recommend to only run it on proper servers (Xeon) or maybe self-build NAS with massive spare CPU / GPU powers that are operating 24-7 anythow and sit idle on sundays and night times, you could run it on a rented VPS / your webserver but it will eat like 512MB of RAM.

search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is using it too

So no client-hard or software, not laptops, no workstations – while it tries to not use up all your ressources it will slow down your client.

If you want to setup an account, feel free to use my invitation link 🙂

You can also hook it up to your twitter account and it will post messages like once a month like:

I have contributed 6 years to humanitarian scientific research through . Join me:

IBM needs to make sure that this massive computing power is never used for evil.

They used to have nice graphical display of what project is currently under work on your computer.

world community grid - donate computing power - map cancer markers project


world community grid - donate computing power - map cancer markers project2

on a 8x Core Xeon Server with 2.0 Ghz i let this app run with 50% of one Core 24-7.

Praying for a better world. With less cancer.

You can get an account here:

Download the software here:

It also Supports some special GPUs with PhysX which should have much better MFLops/Watt ratio.