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US decision-makers are ramping up their efforts to lock in their extreme TPP Internet censorship plan. Now we need your help to show political leaders just how unpopular and politically costly Internet censorship really is. Can you chip in to help our citizen awareness campaign before it’s too late?
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Dear Dude,

Thanks to grassroots support from people like you all over the world, so far we’ve managed to stall the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Internet censorship plan from being finalized.

The extreme proposals contained in the TPP will turn the Internet we know and love into something very different from what it is today.

Specifically, the TPP will make your Internet Service Provider (ISP) liable for everything you do online [1].

This will turn your ISP into the „Internet Police“ monitoring what its subscribers are doing as well as removing & censoring content to protect itself from getting sued [2].

We know that US officials are leading the effort to globalize censorship through TPP. The good news is that, in the US, this is an election year; at OpenMedia, we’ve got a plan to amplify your voice, right when decision makers have no choice but to listen.

As a grassroots community backed organization, our ability to make an impact depends on you: Dude, can you chip in with a donation to help us put our plan into action?

Between now and November, while members of Congress are out stumping for votes in their home districts, we’re going to launch a viral digital action that will shine a major spotlight on the TPP’s extreme plans.

We intend to make it very clear which decision-makers are pro-Internet, and which are pro-censorship.

But the thing is, we need your help to do it; can you make a donation today to help us protect free expression and stop the TPP’s censorship? Our plan will only work if we all pitch in and do our part.

We’ve held the TPP off so far, but the agreement’s proponents aren’t backing down. Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, recently stated that the government was „working hard“ to finalize the agreement [3] and lobbyists from the US Chamber of Commerce have said they are „doing all they can“ to advance the agreement. [4]

We know that, between now and november, key US decision-makers will definitely be hearing from the shady industry lobbyists pushing the TPP’s extreme censorship; your donation today will give us the power to make sure they hear from Internet users around the world as well.

For a brighter future,

Steve and Jason, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

PS. The TPP has been in negotiations for years now, but during a recent interview, US Vice President Joe Biden said that it’s „almost complete“[5]. It’s critical that we make the most of this years election cycle to remind the government just how unpopular Internet censorship really is. Please, make a donation today, and help us fight for your rights online.



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Leading U.S. tech firms, including BoingBoing, Cheezburger, and reddit, have delivered a hard-hitting letter to U.S. Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden. The letter explains how Fast Tracking the TPP would negatively impact Internet freedom, the tech economy, and small start-ups across the U.S.

The inventor of the Internet took to Reddit last week to mark the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web. You’ll want to read what he had to say.

Exposed – NSA documents reveal plans to infect „millions“ of computers around the world with invasive spyware. They’ve even created fake Facebook servers to spread their spyware.

This is inspiring! Giant telecom conglomerates in the U.S. have been spending a fortune to push for extreme laws to prevent publicly-owned broadband providers from operating. Now, citizens in this southern state are fighting back.

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Ever wondered what the Internet actually looks like? We love this map of the undersea cables that connect the Earth.

Article from CNN

“How do you plan to create rules that support the wishes of all the people using the Internet without consulting all of the people who use the Internet? Democratic process needs to be followed when dealing with any system or structure that is relied upon by this many people.”

OpenMedia International launched just under two years ago, and we could never have made it this far without your crucial support. You’ve been part of this from the ground-up, and helped us grow the global movement for the open Internet. And we’re just getting started.

Global problems require global solutions. When people from around the world and across the political spectrum collaborate and take action, our voices amplify into a force that no decision-maker can ignore – and we can directly change policies.

So take a look below, let it all sink in, and don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back. You earned it.

It looks like we did it.
The numbers are in. In the final 10 days of January, over 600,000 Americans called or emailed their member of Congress to demand they stop fast track legislation that would force the TPP into law without proper debate. This is amazing, and would never have happened without the support of people like you.

It’s time for a digital bill of rights to protect privacy and free speech online. That’s according to Sir Tim Berners-Lee who, 25 years ago today, invented what would become the world wide web. What do you think of his idea?

The inventor of the world wide web believes an online „Magna Carta“ is needed to protect and enshrine the independence of the medium he created and the rights of its users worldwide.

Imagine a world in which your favorite indie comedy troupe can no longer afford the bandwidth to stream the sketches you love onto your desktop. Or a world in which the small e-shopping website you love shuts down as a result of an outrageous jump in bandwidth costs.
And while you’re at it, imagine your shock when you discover your Internet bill has skyrocketed because your ISP is now charging extra to ensure your Netflix or Facebook stream doesn’t come a grinding halt.