… because Firefox (ex-Netscape) is now almost fully absorbed by all-mighty google (it will sync your PASSWORDS (!) with NSA supervised google servers… handing all your passwords STRAIGHT to the NSA… CIA… USA)

Opera seems to head the same way.

Opera’s default search engine is google… and you can not change that. ( i tried hard… with the addon… with the settings… no nuthin‘ works)

Opera 18 google default search engine

Came across this and it’s starting to make more sense. Check out Opera’s Vision between May and now.



These two sections are no longer part of Opera’s vision:
• We believe in respect for our users
• We believe in privacy (also mentions social responsibility)

The new vision particularly highlights:
• We create value through partnerships

Source: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=1648442&abc=&page=3&skip=100&show=&perscreen=50

(Ex) Opera user from ‚ol 2001
I was always sympathetic with Opera as company that did manage to dig their own space between unfair competitors (IE pre-installed, Firefox subsized by Google paying up $1 per installation, Google Chrome advertisement on Google HOMEPAGE etc…etc…).

My last Opera was 12.14 for this exact reason: I never saw Opera company play dirty AGAINST their user… and that why I’ve always used it for about 10~11 years.

It looks like Opera’s fear to be unable to face next generation competition made them to sold-out the only resource they had in all these year : their user.

the „Google trick“ or „users sold-out“ it’s still here in 12.16.

Don’t worry Opera… Google won’t pay that much anyway. The only thing they needed was another competitors out of the game… they paid for the searches you’re trying to force users. But the real reason was alienate user from you… as for me, Google did succeed.

That you do Opera, much more revenue flows in when you want users to share their private data with giants.

Uninstalling Opera.
Updating SRWare Iron.



SWare Iron Browser


Datum: 01.12.2013
Version: 31.0.1700.0

> SRWare Iron Download < (Installer for XP,Vista,7)

http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron-mac.zip (OS X 10.7 or greater / Intel)

SRWare Iron: The Browser of the future
– Overview
– News
– Chrome vs Iron
– FAQ (frequently asked questions)
– Download

SRWare Iron vs. Chrome differences

See also: Google Chrome user tracking

The following Google Chrome features are not present in Iron:[14][15]

  • RLZ identifier, an encoded string sent together with all queries to Google[16] or once every 24 hours.
  • Google search access on startup for users with Google as default search[16][17]
  • A unique ID („clientID“) for identifying the user in logs.
  • timestamp of when the browser was installed.
  • Google-hosted error pages when a server is not present
  • Google Updater automatic installation.
  • DNS pre-fetching,[18] because it could potentially be used by spammers.[19][20][21]
  • Automatic address bar search suggestions.
  • Bug tracking system, sends information about crashes or errors.
Opera browser logo 2013.png
Opera Web Browser.png

Opera 15.0 displaying Wikipedia on Windows 8

This lines are written in Opera.



  • can’t properly set a start page (it will always open a new window with it’s touch-enabled tiles)


On 12 February 2013, Opera announced it would drop its Presto engine and transition its web browsers to use WebKit as implemented by Google’s Chrome browser by means of code from the Chromium project. Opera Software also planned to contribute code to WebKit as well.[43] On 3 April 2013, Google announced that it would fork components from WebKit to form a new rendering engine known as Blink; the same day, Opera confirmed that it would follow Google in implementing Blink.[44]

On 28 May 2013, a beta release of Opera 15 was made available,[45] notable as being the first version based on the Chromium project.[46][47] Many distinctive features of the previous versions are no longer present, while Opera Mail has been split into a standalone application derived from Opera 12.[48]

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opera_(web_browser)

how to build extension: http://dev.opera.com/extension-docs/

Developer(s) Opera Software
Initial release late 1994[1]
Stable release
Windows, OS X

18.0.1284.68 (December 16, 2013; 38 days ago[2]) [±]

Linux, FreeBSD

12.16 (July 4, 2013; 6 months ago[3]) [±]

Preview release

19.0.1326.45 (January 22, 2014; 1 day ago[4]) [±]


20.0.1387.2 (January 23, 2014; 0 days ago[5]) [±]

Development status Active
Written in C++[6]
Operating system Windows
Engine Blink
Type Web browser
License Proprietary freeware with open-sourcecomponents
Website www.opera.com

 how to enable the opera developer toolbar

opera enable developer toolbaropera enable developer toolbar 2

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