dwaves is not pointing out problems, without trying to solve things 😉 solution: use latest eclipse, install „Web Page Editor“ and configure external launch for firefox. DADA!

another workaround: launch the sites manually in your browser. (navigate to the project folder, doubleclick)

when it comes to software development, it is critical that repeated tasks / iterations such as tests can be executed as fast and convenient as possible, IMHO the biggest problem when it comes to time and budgets are iterations/tests/compilations that take tooooo long.

you can also try to delete the index files and restart aptana.


it is not acceptable that:

programs launch slowly / that configuring debuggers is complicated / that starting a program takes ages  / that you need to perform 1000x steps manually to jump to the point / constellation / situation where the problem occurs.

This significantly slows down development speed, killing time, blasting budgets, making software projects fail.

In the case of eclipse / aptana and large workspaces with many files, the indexing process is the problem… usually such a task should be:

1. only executed if the user wishes it to (not everyone needs a indexed database with all the possible keywords a user will probably (or not) search for)

2. be executed silently and under little resource consume in the background… while the programmer can continue to write, launch and test his/her program.

filemon told me that prior to a program launch, aptana keeps indexing the (whole?) workspace into files of this directory:


Aptana Eclipse workspace indexing takes ages

this is not acceptable, therefore the status quo is: Aptana can not handle large projects.