i just stumbled upon this exploit… that only works on nginx + php:


Nginx PHP code execution via FastCGI

A critical security issue was reported on servers that run Nginx and PHP via FastCGI. This issue may allow attackers to execute their own PHP code on the system.The problem is not caused by nginx itself, it’s related with the PHP option cgi.fix_pathinfo. When this option is enabled, PHP will rewrite SCRIPT_FILENAME and PATH_INFO parameters. When combined with Nginx, this turns into a security issue.Impact
Possible PHP code execution.

set [bold]cgi.fix_pathinfo = 0[/bold] in php.ini [break] [break] or[break] [break] configure nginx using the code below:[break] [break] [pre] if ( $fastcgi_script_name ~ ..*/.*php ) { return 403; } [/pre]

Nginx & PHP via FastCGI important security issue


also problematic: macbook webcam can be activated without the LED showing up – http://hackersnewsbulletin.com/2013/12/hackers-can-activate-macbooks-webcam-secretly-software.html