Alien message or military budget trick


weizen wheat

And it seems to match what Dr. Carol Rosin says von Braun told her „reasons for extra-terrestrial weapons: Russians, Asteroids… and the last card, the last card,the last card… will be the extra terrestrial threat.“

… well has it worked out?

… what weapon system did that corn field signs? Was it sattelites or maybe stationary on earth? (HAARP, Tesla?)

Dr. Carol Rosin is now campaigning against the weaponization of space:

Statistically we are not alone in the universe… statistically there should be 10.000 civilizations / species in or galaxy alone. (See  Nasa-Kepler-Mission findet 5 Erd-ähnliche Planeten)

Which is a fascinating fact… and Zeti-Boss says it would be dangerous to reveal our position to technologically more advanced Aliens…. but i guess we already did in many ways.

Please if you try to capture video-proof for Aliens use HD+Cameras… anything else is „blurry obscurity“.