first there was table-layout…

then there was div-layout…

now html5-layout is coming gradually to our browsers… but is it a good idea to do html5 layout in 2013?

5% of all users are still using ie8 (no html5 support at all)

20% are online with an newer version of internet explorer ( ie9/10 ) but both browsers are still pretty lame at supporting html5.

some mobile browsers have even better html5 support than desktop browsers! 😀

so let’s put it like this: 70% of all browsers should have proper html5 support, so you can gradually start experimenting how html5 layouts… behave, but if you need a website that is viewable on any device, than you should stick to div or table.

html5 support in browsers 06.2013

mobile browsers

html5 mobile browsers

older safari html5 support ie8 html5 support chrome 27 html5 support 2013.05 5percent ie8 users firefox 21 html5 layout support