can be done from gui. but forget about the „import/export appliance“ stuff.

virtualbox export appliance

it might work. it might fail. (thats the last time i tested it)

since then fancy stuff like „screenrecording“ has been integrated… but the core-basic problems… seem unfixed for quiet some time.

0. power off the VMs you want to export

1. go into preferences set path where to export to

VirtualBox gui preferences

Virtualbox default machien folder - where to export vms

2. now clone the stuff

virtualbox gui clone vm

3. restore the original default machine folder 😉

you will end up with a folder for every VM that holds VMName.vbox (this is what you can double click and will be automatically imported into the gui on the target machine)

and an single (!!!) VMName.vdi harddisk image file.

if you try to simply „copy the VM“ including all the snapshots… you will have a hard time getting it up and running, because you would have to register every snapshot.vdi manually in the storage-manager.

you will lose your snapshots.

but that’s ok for me.