… works for latest osx and for leopard.


1. download

2. rename to .zip

3. unpack

4. open terminal

5. type sudo bash (give your password)

6. cp wget /usr/bin


wget http://site.com/file_i_want_to_download.zip

download ALL FILES IN A directory:

wget -r –no-parent –reject „index.html*“ http://mysite.com/dir/

wget -m http://mysite.com/dir/
-m, –mirror

… will download ALL FILES FROM THAT SITE!

download only one level:
wget -H -r –level=1 -k -p http://mysite.com/dir/

-r, –recursive
Specify recursive download.
-l, –level=NUMBER
Maximum recursion depth (inf or 0 for infinite).
-k, –convert-links
Make links in downloaded HTML point to local files.
-p, –page-requisites
Get all images, etc. needed to display HTML page.

have fun! 🙂