rsync is a neat utility that lets you transfer whole directories ssh-encrypted over the internet.

So it is perfect for online-backup purposes off servers etc. pp.

It even can do partial-transfer which means: if 1 bit changed in a 1TB file it will only transfer that 1bit.

1. setup:

# install
# debian
apt-get update && apt-get install rsync
# alternatively
aptitude install rsync

# centos7
yum update && yum install rsync

2. usage

rsync over ssh, please test if you can login to your server ssh -p1234 before trying to upsync.

rsync -v --progress -r --update -e 'ssh -p1234' /FOLDER_TO_SYNC
# limit bandwith used to 30kybtes/s


this will throttle the upload to 30KByte / S

Have fun!