i dropped an external buffalo drive containing a wd harddisk.

if you have a head crash, putting your drive in a fridge for a day (double-packed in anti-static bags, air-sealed with tape) might help you. but when you have the „click of death“ syndrom like i have, this does not help. (i tested it 😉

the drive does not even show up anymore in the os.

here is a list of sounds that failing harddisks can do, maybe your’s is one of them: http://www.datacent.com/hard_drive_sounds.php


WATCH THIS: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=5CAn22TiVV0]

Check out this very „professional“ data recovery: AND PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU WANT YOUR DATA BACK! IT IS JUST A JOKE!


if you have lost files (accidently deleted, virus) when your harddisk crashes, make shure TO STOP WRITING / INSTALLING ON IT IMMEDIATELY. REMOVE IT FROM YOUR PC. INSTALL A NEW HARDDISK AND INSTALL YOUR FAVOURITE OS to start the recovery process of your lost files.

or use a boot cd that mounts your defect drive read only: boot med includes photorec (recover lost files) + testdisk (lost partitions) http://software-files-a.cnet.com/s/software/11/90/49/12/bootmed1_64bit.zip?token=1358630623_100db52e3fa079c6c4943d9157af9a5e&lop=link&ptype=3001&ontid=2094&siteId=4&edId=3&spi=eb2608c6288dc17d6e05d3c48da1520b&pid=11904912&psid=75450831&fileName=bootmed1_64bit.zip

you definately need a second (unused) drive to copy your recovered files to.

you either reinstall the drive to a different sata port or buy a sata-usb converter.

a good and free file recovery program for osx but also windows / linux is photorec+testdisk. (photorec is not only for photos 🙂


here is the usage:


if your harddisk has

good luck!