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Since steve jobs is dead, things become UNLOGICAL under OSX. This is version 10.8.2 (lion-something)

good news: maximizing windows now seem to work…

osx recovery partition allows you to reinstall or backup (diskutiliy) osx by holding ALT during boot -> then select HD Recovery

… this was a smart move apple 🙂

bad news: things are not what they used to do be. a lot of shortcuts and hotkeys have changed. (Appel+D is not anymore „Don’t save“ but „Duplicate document“…. OH GOSH! WHY? reconditioning users?)

the above option „Cycle through windows of CURRENT application was removed“

osx 10.8.2 removed

there is a new option „move focus to active or next window“ which does NOT THE SAME.

I HATE APPLE NOW AND GO LINUX! (you can aloso not save screenshots as gif anymore, no… you have to use png IDIOTS!)

![enter image description here][1]

[1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Ugbr5.png

(You may now press Shift+Alt+Appel+S to save in TextEdit, instead of only Appel+S)

also new feature: the waiting screen of blackness when switching applications

the black screens of osx

parallels 6 will not, and only late 7 versions will work.

no installation media


my 5 year old macbook (NOT PRO) with 8GB DDR2 and a 128GB Samsung SSD boots FASTER than the latest Macbook Pro i7 4GB with a TOSHIBA MK5065GSXF 500GB harddisk.

when installing the latest Samsung 840 128GB SSD it boots up almost in the same time. (which is lame… compared to a 5 year old product)

OSX hates beeing low on RAM and becomes very very sluggy when this happens. no matter the swap space.

toshiba hd

The Macbook Pro i7 costs (2013) at least 1000USD, the HARDDISK ITSELF is worth only 60$ on amazon.


Just because Job’s died… does not mean you can put the slowest, cheapest piece of hardware into your very solid but slow notebooks and sell it as „PRO“.

… do i want tospend another 220€ upgrading the RAM from louzy 4GB to 16GB and the slow harddisk to an Samung 840 Pro SSD 128GB or do i simply sell it again and get a XPS notebooks WITH A FAST 128GB SSD AND A SLOW 750GB HD? 😀

(the clue recently is to build two harddisks into one single notebook, fast ssd for os and applications, slow but big drive for data and backups)

For storing movies, mp3s and large stuff i gonna use an external 2TB Buffalo Drive.

in text edit you will now have to hit Alt+Cmd+F to get into replace mode… well i don’t think this makes things much easier.


where do you go apple?

in the end: i go asus+ubuntu… cu apple!

something like this: