okay this may not work for all of you…. my root harddisk was a non-raid consumer-ocz-ssd with defect sectors. (xenserver would still boot, but you could not dd-copy it to any backup harddisk…

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb conv=noerror

->“several sectors on the disk that dd couldn’t read“

no matter what program used (also tried acronis10) -> „Boot Error“ „Missing operating system“)

(i don’t know why)xen server on supermicro boot error no operating system IMG00214-20121123-2219

this is how i did it:

don’t think about „i just backup the meta-data, reinstall xenserver on a new harddisk and then recoverying meta-data thus recovering all vms and  respositories…“  did not work well for me. citrix has not done a good job on those routines.

but maybe you have more luck than me.

1. luckily out of xen console you can also backup the xenserver installation

backup xenserver

… which will copy all relevant data into the second partition of the first harddisk (sda2)

2. now you can try reinstalling xenserver and no matter if you try to restore during setup or after setup via console  file -> restore -> select backup file…. it will not do it properly. you have to do it manually.

xen backups detected

xen unable

… for me this restore did nothing.

so again you go,

3. insert a linux live cd (like http://www.knoppix.org/ ) and manually mount and copy the content of sda2 to sda1.

4. your replacement-harddisk has gotten a DIFFERENT LABEL! (but the bootloader is looking for LABEL=root-uyrzwjjz

there is a command called

e2label /dev/sda1 LABEL=root-uyrzwjjz

which allows you to relable your (new) root sda1 drive (thanks god)




vi /boot/extlinux.conf

(will not exist anymore in newer versions of citrix xen 5.6 > x, because they also use grup now)


change all





5.THE PARTITION LAYOUT / FILESYSTEM MAY BE CORRUPT! (maybe not finding the bootloader)

fsck /dev/sda1 -y

should help.

final thoughts:

when the root harddisk fails and you do not have a citrix-compatible raid (DO NOT TRUST THE CITRIX HCL! BUY A DELL SERVER!!! NOTHING ELSE SEEMS TO BE PROPERLY SUPPORTED (AND TESTED) BY CITRIX XEN! PLEASE AMERICAND: HIRE A GERMAN ENGINEER TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK! SO YOU CAN SELL HIGH QUALITY INSTEAD OF LET-THE-USER-BE-FRUSTRATED-SHIT. if you do not have a citrix xen cmopatible raid controler, please consider OTHER VIRTUALIZATION SYSTEMS LIKE VIRTUALBOX! (runs on windows and linux) ) – you are virtually FUCKED my friend. because i could not get the RAID Adapter to work with xenserver, my root xen drive (was) a single harddisk (ssd) WHICH IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!



feel free to join my battle for better raid adapter support http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?threadID=316422&tstart=1


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