for all you guys like me that are NEW to super lightweight window manager FLUXBOX

this is how fluxbox looks (per default) on Debian 7 wheezy
you can install it on debian 7 like this:

sudo aptitude install fluxbox x11-xserver-utils aterm xfe vnc4server # without aterm YOU WILL NOT SEE A SHELL ON THE DESKTOP # without xfe YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BROWSER THE FILE SYSTEM # without vnc4server YOU WILL NOT BE TO ACCESS THE DESKTOP REMOTELY I WAS PUZZLED, that starting a TERMINAL did not WORK RIGHT FROM THE START (ALTHOUGH IT WAS IN THE MENU!) i suspected vnc4server not outputting the window… but vnc4server is doing a good job (LINUX<-VNC->OSX (Chicken of the VNC)) THE REASON IS: IT IS NOT INSTALLED PER DEFAULT! (aptitude install aterm eterm solves the problem) autostarting fluxbox.

if you want fluxbox to start on boot go:

sudo vim /etc/init.d/rc.local …



# start fluxbox and vnc

su user -c ‚vncserver -geometry 1024×768 -depth 16 :1;‘

# user needs to be an existing user on the system # try the command from the shell first,

before putting it there and restarting and getting frustrated.