the problem of (almost) perfect solutions is that it would abolish the guy selling the solution.

who needs a red, green or pink word-processing software, if the grey word-processing software you bought 10 years ago, does the job?


if nobody buys a new windows licence this means massive loss to the company.

so what is beeing done?

stop supporting the old version…. so that it will not run anymore on newer hardware. (although vendors could provide drivers and will)

basically as soon as there is a software that „does it“ you don’t need an update/upgrade/new software.

example: nero

i was happy with nero 6… it has all the functionality i need and does it’s job nicely on windows xp. (burning isos, mounting isos, reading audio cds to wavs…. )

so why bother buying nero 7? or nero 8?

there is just no reason.

IMHO nero 7 castrated nero by forcing a „simple“ but useless wizard to it.

the old interface/gui was lost.

this sucks.

so why reinventing the wheel? for every new version of an os?

security updates for servers are necessary, of course.

but „why change a system that works“?

updates won’t make it work better.

you have to pray that they don’t break anything.