java is a great language

1. simplicity: it is quiet simple (in comparison to c and c++)

humans make mistakes. the more complex a system is, the more mistakes will be made (even by a doctor professor so und so), the more likely an engineered system fails.

simplicity is VERY important if one wants to avoid software bugs/mistakes.

but with increasing demands for functionality (one box must DO EVERYTHING it could) complexity also increases -> more likely to be full of errors & bugs.

2. because with eclipse and it’s debugging capabilities (watch expressions) it (usually) does, what programming languages and computers in general are supposed to do:

show a human EASILY where they made some logic-mistakes/typos.

in PHP, there is no „real“ debugger, xdebug often simply does not „start“. because php probably never was designed to be grafically debugged.

3. compared to flex / actionScript the compile time is MUCH shorter, this is great when it comes to big projects.

but in every big project, no matter what language, a modular-structure should be used instead of a monolithic structure.