We all can do something to make living on the world better for all living and feeling species.

Dwaves always strives to make this world a better place for me and you and all living and feeling creatures.

* including young people that feel, that this world does not have their happyness in mind, but only gains and interest rates. (die 5 sprachen der liebe )

* including cancer sick adults and children (dwave’s server are running world community grid boinc 24-7 to help in cancer research, dwaves is writing articles about cancer prevention, because it can be done, despite the propaganda by the pharmaceutical industry.)

* including  sharks that get their fins chopped off for a f**** soup!

* including people that lost their job and don’t see any way out of this desperate situtation (dwaves has the ideas but not the funding for the idea „bringing people to cultivate their own food and happyness, becoming independent from financial aid from the state and the tax payer.“)

Dwaves also participates in making open source software and free video tutorials, (Free Flex Workshop http://praxis2.dyndns.org/dwaves.de/index.php/start/free-flex-workshop/)

because dwaves think that if someone already solved a problem,

why not share the knowledge?

Instead of reinventing the wheel again and again,

spending the most precious that we have: TIME

that should be spend on cultivating love and happyness in

our very individual ways that suit best.

money can not buy anyone love.

(die 5 sprachen der liebe)

If you donate

dwaves.de will keep a record on where every single euro goes and report back to you.

thanks in advance!

Make the World a better placeThe fate of the world we live in affects us all.

If you don’t have the money, TAKE THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION instead of wasting resources on computer games and television. (although television CAN be very educating, doing the right filtering)

* let your pc participate in computer research: http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/

* it is relatively easy to set it up (need to register first)

Dwaves participates with the idle-time of the servers actively at childhood cancer reasearch and other research projects.

Check out World Community Grid – the platform for distributed computing for a good cause. (Thanks IBM and the Berkeley University of California for this great project)